Unix Timestamp Convert epoch to human-readable date vb6 sample code

Here is a sample VB6 code for converting a Unix timestamp to a human-readable date:

Private Function UnixTimestampToDate(ByVal timestamp As Double) As Date
    UnixTimestampToDate = CDate("01/01/1970") + (timestamp / 86400)
End Function

This code converts the Unix timestamp to a fractional number of days, and then adds it to the date representing the Unix epoch (01/01/1970). The resulting date value is then converted to a date data type using the CDate function.

You can call this function by passing in the Unix timestamp as a double-precision floating-point value. For example:

Dim dt As Date
dt = UnixTimestampToDate(1609459200)

This would convert the Unix timestamp 1609459200 to the date 2022-12-25.

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